Office 24/7

Smart Number

Smart Number is a virtual number offered to organizations to be used as:

  • Local/ Landline number
  • Mobile number
  • Toll-Free number

Pre-equipped with configurable Missed Call services, a Smart Number can be used for multiple purposes like voice calls, conferencing (voice+ video), missed call campaign, contact center, etc.

Additionally, the Smart Number can be configured with our other services to help manage timed responses in the form of SMS or voice responses such as:

  • Missed Call Service

    The Missed Call service can be used to set up alerts, collect votes and gain insight on customers’ requirements. A Mobile, Landline or Toll-Free Number can be used as a Missed Call number. The Missed Call services are available to the user by default within the Office 24/7.

  • Missed Call Reply

    When a customer calls on a Missed Call number, the call disconnects after one ring. This can be followed by a communication from the company’s side in the form of SMS or Voice message.

  • Toll-Free

    Toll-Free numbers are an important means by which a customer may reach the company. The quantum of calls received on the Toll-free number makes it important for the company to properly categorise, redirect and manage these calls. Our Toll-Free Number services help the company do all this with ease through a composition of various services like the IVRS and Missed Call.

  • Toll-Free Reply

    The bulk of calls received on toll-free numbers make it impossible for executives to attend all calls immediately. Some of these callers may be kept on hold for long durations or be disconnected automatically. Such callers may be sent an automated message, voice message or a call to ensure customer loyalty and trust.