The best investment is the one you make for the
betterment of the society.

Social Work

‘A child without education is like a bird without wings.’ – Tibetan Proverb

Naa Vooru Naa Seva(N Foundation) derives its philosophy from this wise truth.  For the last four years it has dedicated itself in empowering children of rural background with an education.

Key areas where we have affected a change and continue to focus upon are:

  • Teachers’ accommodation in all the villages to work for better and quality education peacefully
  • Availability of Drinking Water supply
  • Creating awareness about the importance of Education amongst the Villagers
  • Supporting students for better Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • Supporting social development programs and social movements
  • Conducting Development Programs and Entrepreneurship Trainings
  • To continously work to improve lives of village children and train the youth to help accomplish this goal