Office 24/7

Outbound call center services

Once the database is uploaded on to the system, Outbound calls may:

  • Be initiated by Auto Dialer where the calls goes to the customer and is connected to the IVRS once he/she picks up. This saves important time for the agent, as he doesn’t have to wait for the calls to be answered, calls are routed to him only once they have been through the IVRS.
  • Be Manual/ Click-to-Call where the agent manually dials the customer number or clicks on the Call button to call.

The system offers multiple advanced features such as:

DND Registry: Before the agents’ outbound calls are initiated, the system checks the database against the Do Not Disturb registry to avoid aggravating customers. Whisper and Barge-In: Allows supervisors and managers to listen in on a call and recommend action to agents or interact with the callers.

Predictive Dialer: Saves time by automatically initiating a call with the next prospective lead.