A large part of success is partnering with the
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Striker Soft Solutions is a premium organization in the field of Computer Telephony. It is dedicated to build success stories for its clients and all its stakeholders. When you partner with us, we dedicate ourselves towards your success as well.

What do you get in return?

Partnering with Striker Soft means partnering with one of the most dynamic and fastest growing companies in the industry. It does not only open up a successful revenue stream but also gives you the back up of a sound and trusted company.

Above all, based on your available resources and time you have the flexibility in how involved you want to be with the business.

We offer you three modes of partnering with us:

If you are a service provider:

We welcome any companies that are familiar with operations of contact centers and can add value to our clients. Don’t worry if you are not an expert. Even basic familiarity is enough to get you started; we will help you along the way.

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