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About Us

Striker Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd. is your trusted bridge to your clients, with its end-to-end Enterprise Messaging and Voice Solutions that allow you to reach your Clients and Customers through Mobile Services like Text and Voice Solutions.

Our range of integrated products for Text, Voice and Social Media platform is built on deep understanding of Organizational requirements. Each of these products are multi-faceted from the point of Sales, Communication establishment, Organizational growth and Market Analytics etc.

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Our Products

SMS Striker

Customized text and enterprise messaging solutions for corporates and retailers to enable dissipation of actionable information to large audience simultaneously.

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Voice Striker

Fully customizable end-to-end Inbound and Outbound Voice Solutions integrated with Voice and SMS services.

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Easily and economically manage large quantum of inbound telephonic customer interaction by integrating Missed Call and Toll-Free services with SMS and Voice features.

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Office 24/7

A Cloud/On Premise based comprehensive and advanced system of managing inbound and outbound customer communication.

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Manage and maintain security of client’s accounts through SMS, Voice or Email verifications and OTP push.

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Gain insight on client behavior through their social media to serve them better.

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Our Services


striker soft message

Get your message across to millions of customers at the same time.

Short Url

striker soft short url

Send short URLs to customers to generate action, collect unique information or conduct surveys.

Long Code

striker soft longcode

Use a one-way system of communication to gather categorical information based on keywords.

Missed Call


Gather response from your customers and gain actionable information from them.

OBD Calls

striker obd calls

Manage outbound calls to enhance efficiency of your agents and reduce time and expenditure in connecting to customers.


striker ivr

Manage your incoming calls by solving customer queries through an automated menu system. Connect to agent only when necessary.

Virtual Number

striker virtual number

Use a VOIP number that doesn’t depend upon high cost infrastructure. Gain access to cloud-based telephony and ease of working from remote locations.

Tollfree Number

striker tollfree

Reduce the cost of customer communication and call management with the help of a robust toll-free calling system.

Click To Call

click to call

Save your agent’s time with an inbuilt system of click to call. Calls connect with the press of a button on website, app or phone.

Conference Call

striker conference calls

Cut down the distance between team members and clients from various geographical locations by connecting over conference calls. Access it 24x7, or record calls to maintain logs.

Our Features

Any solution or policy you adopt has a single point of focus – growth for your business. When you partner with us, we are ready with a strong infrastructure and strong technical applications that easily support and sustain any level of business growth and expansion you reach.

Your business does not have the time to stop. And it is our business to make sure it doesn’t need to. Hence we employ a multi-layered robust system backed by alternate well-maintained servers so that no weakness or failure in the system can effectuate a halt in your processes. This ensures maximum flawless up time, all the time.

In this age of technology, one does not have to be limited by anything. Hence, all our products are Cloud based products that are limitlessly accessible and easily configurable.

We are all about providing seamless communication venues to you, our customer. Hence, we are associated with multiple operators – even if one operator’s network goes down, we switch to another and secure uninterrupted services at all times.

Channel Partner

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Offer your clients an array of robust voice and SMS services backed by a premium organization in the field of computer telephony platforms and associated channels.

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Become Partner

Join hands with a premium organization in the field of computer telephony platforms and associated channels.

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